effective environments - consultants to nonprofits, small businesses and entrepreneurs

effective environments - consultants to nonprofits, small businesses and entrepreneurs
effective environments - consultants to nonprofits, small businesses and entrepreneurs
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effective environments
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Services and Programs

Providing effective management and building a successful organization means designing an environment that empowers results, accomplishments and satisfaction. Our programs provide an integrated approach to designing an environment for excellence. Each program stands on its own so that you can proceed in a way that suits your organization. Or, you may choose to work with us in each of these areas.


  • Consulting
    Our consulting work directly affects your ability to be productive and your sense of accomplishment. We work with you to design an environment that is a function of the articulated values of your organization, where those values are expressed in day-to-day operations. The key is mastering the fundamental principles for managing yourself and others and for achieving the results that matter to you and your organization.
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  • Coaching
    Coaching is a unique and powerful tool that supports people in being highly effective, productive and satisfied. Managers who work with a coach are on the cutting edge of individual and organizational effectiveness. Coaching is a powerful way to develop personal and team skills. [ more... ]


  • Team Development
    There is little that we can accomplish alone. The value of teams has never been higher. Despite this, few of us have ever learned how to participate effectively as part of a team.
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  • Management Development
    Our management development services expand your capacity for personal effectiveness and leadership -- and your ability to empower individuals and teams.
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  • Being Effective
    Being “effective” means having results that make a difference -- results that serve your ultimate purpose and give you a sense of genuine satisfaction and accomplishment.
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  • Board of Directors
    Molding a group of people into an effective Board takes both the commitment of the individual Board members and a process for forming the Board as an effective team.
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