effective environments - consultants to nonprofits, small businesses and entrepreneurs

effective environments - consultants to nonprofits, small businesses and entrepreneurs
effective environments - consultants to nonprofits, small businesses and entrepreneurs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you name your company effective environments?

We say that your environment directly affects both our quality of life and our ability to be effective. Our “environment” includes our vision and the commitments that motivate us, our systems and practices, the quality of our relationships, even our own self-talk. Every stimulus around us affects our effectiveness and our enjoyment of life, and each of us has the power to design and put in place our own “effective environment.” We focus on empowering you to design and work inside your own organizational and individual effective environment.

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What makes your work unique?

We are unique in the philosophy, approach and combination of experiences we bring to our work. Our consulting, coaching and programs are principle-based. Our “megaprinciples for success” represent a singular distillation of principles that are highly effective in establishing a creative space, removing suffering and allowing for breakthroughs. Our focus on designing environments rather than “fixing people” or “fixing problems” provides a supportive and transformational perspective. Because of our backgrounds in large-scale consulting, teaching, law practice and nonprofit management, we bring a unique blend of resources to the mission of designing workable solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

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When do organizations call you?

We are called in when you are ready for a breakthrough in individual and organizational effectiveness, productivity and results. We are called in when things aren’t working -- when intended results are not being produced, when the quality of organizational life is suffering or when it is taking a disproportionate amount of time and energy to get the job done. We are called in when it seems that “difficult people” are obstacles to organizational success. Often, we are called when growth or change within the organization makes “what USED to work” no longer effective.

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How does coaching work?

Coaching is a structured way of empowering you to develop new ways of thinking and acting that lead to a new level of success and self-confidence. The fundamental ingredient in successful coaching is your willingness to choose a new possibility for being effective and to work to achieve it. We begin each coaching engagement by identifying together how we will measure success. When we have agreed upon the results to be produced and the time line for producing them, we establish a regular schedule for coaching. Coaching meetings may be conducted in person or in a telephone conversation. Our coaching work will include establishing priorities, applying what is learned “in the action” to increase effectiveness in producing intended results, and applying new principles and practices to produce different and positive outcomes.

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What benefits can we expect from working with you?

Based on what our clients have reported to us:

  • You will experience focus and clarity about what you want and what you will do to get it.
  • You will become effective in the areas of managing yourself to complete tasks and projects without overwhelm, build working relationships based upon integrity and respect, develop a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction and accomplishment in your work.
  • People in your organization will gain a fresh perspective on time management and become highly effective at producing extraordinary results.
  • Your staff will experience a new possibility for working as teams and for communicating effectively.
  • Your managers will become effective as a team and will work together powerfully to design and implement an organizational culture that supports individuals, empowers accountability and produces powerful, positive outcomes.
  • Your workplace will be a great place to be, resulting in reduced absenteeism and lower rates of staff turnover, and enhanced quality of life.

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