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Services and Programs

Management Development

More managers are made than born, and excellent managers are those who engage in ongoing development. Our management development services expand your capacity for personal effectiveness and leadership -- and your ability to empower individuals and teams.

Managers often fall into a pattern of either over-control (“micro-managing”) or under-control (“laissez-faire”). There is both an art and a science to managing people in a way that empowers accountability while providing strong support for your staff. It may be summarized in the principle, “Manage for results, not process.”

Our approach begins with bringing clarity to the role of a manager, and establishing principles and practices for effective management. We explore with you:

  • What it means to be a manager
  • What your commitments are as a manager
  • How you will measure your success
  • What pathways will allow you to achieve the results you want, and
  • How you will ensure that you stay on track to achieve them.

Through selected technologies, we develop your capacity to:

  • Be effective on a personal level
  • Support your employees in becoming effective
    and designing a common culture for your organization’s management team
  • Workshops to develop and apply principles and practices for effective management, and
  • Periodic workshop follow-up empowerment meetings, in which lessons learned are identified and captured and we develop together new practices to address specific issues as they arise.

Our workshops include topics essential to powerful management:

  • The art of communication as a manager
  • How to be an excellent listener
  • Practices for managing projects and priorities to empower, not interfere
  • Maintaining professional and empowering relationships
  • Managing personal work load with ease
  • Dealing with “difficult” employees

Most importantly, we support you in BEING an effective manager, rather than necessarily DOING more managing!

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"Management is the art of producing results through others."

-– Unknown

"The real job of a manager is to inspire employees to be their best and establish a working environment that allows for them to be their best.... Management is an attitude – a way of life."

-– Bob Nelson and Peter Economy, Managing for Dummies

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