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Services and Programs

Team Development

  • How can we ‘motivate’ people to be more accountable in their jobs?
  • What can we do to have high staff morale and staff who are self-generating and effective?
  • What do I have to do to get people to work together effectively?
  • How do we get everyone in the organization to realize we’re on the same team?

We have all had the experience of being on a team that didn’t work. Most of us also have had the experience of being on a highly effective team. What factors make the difference? How do you cultivate an environment that results in highly effective teams?

True teams share a common vision, common objectives in line with that vision and a shared approach to working together. They are accountable to one another. The most effective teams -- teams that get the job done and even exceed expectations -- also care about one another and are passionately committed to one another’s success.

Results you can expect from our team development program include:

  • Alignment on what it means to be on a team in your organization
  • Clear lines of communication
  • Practices for boosting morale
  • Practices for addressing issues and problems on a day-by-day basis
  • Specific techniques and tools for being effective
  • An environment of partnership, productivity and even fun.

Our approach to team development begins with your organizational culture and what’s working now and what isn’t. Every organization’s needs in this area are different. And, we tailor our work to match your needs. The elements of team development include:

  • Inventing together a vision that inspires your team and compels them to be their best
  • Adopting practices and agreements for working together that support the team’s effectiveness daily AND cultivate a spirit of team on an ongoing basis, and
  • Most importantly, developing a learning context for working together as a team.

An important part of team development is bringing the team together periodically to assess what is working and what is not, and to “true” the work of being an effective team. Follow-up team empowerment meetings are pivotal to ensure sustainable results.

effective environments® works with your teams, in a combination of workshops and follow-up empowerment meetings, to design the vision, objectives and operating agreements of your team and to ensure that they are set up to succeed. People gain the tools they need to be effective as a player on a powerful team, including the ability to incorporate new learning and build on what they have already established.

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"effective environments has been working with the entire [California Operations] staff....The entire staff is functioning as a team with common goals and everyone is developing and improving communications skills. Overall, morale and job satisfaction have greatly improved."

Director, California Operations
Island Press

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