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effective environments - consultants to nonprofits, small businesses and entrepreneurs
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Services and Programs

Being Effective

  • Are you and your staff getting the results you want?
  • Are your results coming at excessive cost in time, energy or quality of life?

Being “effective” means having results that make a difference -- results that serve your ultimate purpose and give you a sense of genuine satisfaction and accomplishment. Being “efficient” refers only to “doing more, faster” and may not produce satisfaction.

We offer a simple model for being effective and achieving extraordinary results:

  • Identify what is important and focus your attention on that
  • Ensure that the results are both worthwhile and do-able
  • Choose actions that are consistent with achieving the results
  • Establish practices to keep yourself effortlessly on track.

Our Being Effective Programs are based on this model and incorporate many of our fundamental tools and technologies for effectiveness.

Expanding effectiveness involves:

  • Generating clear and compelling vision, objectives and accountabilities
  • Managing yourself to ensure that desired outcomes are reached
  • Establishing road maps for accomplishment and being clear that you can win at what you attempt
  • Building the relationships with co-workers and partners that enhance your ability to work seamlessly together
  • Ensuring that your practices -- and your physical environment -- support your commitments and regularly remove obstacles to success.

When you and your staff are being effective, your accomplishment inspires you and it can be a joy to come to work.

effective environments® will design a Being Effective program that suits your issues and organization.

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"Yesterday’s workshop was stunning. I believe I learned more life skills in four hours than I usually learn in a decade....I am truly thankful to be able to attend your workshops -- and I am thankful that you are perceptive, caring and supportive...and capable of sharing what you know in a way that we all can understand."

Developmental Editor,
Island Press

"What you have to offer is what keeps me on track with what needs to be accomplished on the day to day level. It is my commitment to excellence that has me participate in your programs."

Retail Sales Manager
Verizon Wireless

"effective environments has been working with the entire [California Operations] staff....The entire staff is functioning as a team with common goals and everyone is developing and improving communications skills. Overall, morale and job satisfaction have greatly improved."

Director, California Operations
Island Press

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