effective environments - consultants to nonprofits, small businesses and entrepreneurs

effective environments - consultants to nonprofits, small businesses and entrepreneurs
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As value-creating consultants, we believe we have an obligation and a commitment to support you and your organization to be self-generating. Our ultimate goal is to empower you and your staff to generate solutions in a way that growth and development occur as individuals and as an organization. We know we’ve done our job when you don’t need us.

Our Unique Approach

effective environments® begins with the belief that YOU and your staff are the answer to the challenges you're facing. Holding your goals as our number-one priority, we analyze your environment, identify the obstacles, and work with you to design solutions that fit you and your organization.

We consider all aspects of your personal and organizational environments. Then, we work with you to develop clear pathways to your intended goals. With you, we conceive, implement and integrate real changes that enable you to succeed.

Fulfilling on your vision, mission and objectives requires addressing both individual and organizational issues of effectiveness and productivity. That is why we combine individual consulting and coaching with group and staff-wide workshops and consulting. It takes both to effect lasting change.

effective environments® knows that once we are gone, entropy can set in. We know that lasting change comes about only when there is a commitment to change and you have designed structures and practices for implementing that change even after we leave. Our work with you will always include strategies and structures to support you in being self-generating. In fact, we believe this is the critical role for a consultant.

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"effective environments has supported us in developing practices that allow us to focus our resources and increase our productivity. In trainings, and by their example, they have offered fresh solutions to long-standing communications issues. Not surprisingly, their work has had a positive impact on overall staff morale as well."

President and CEO
SER-Jobs For Progress National

CIH is a growing business with an expanding workload, limited resources, and stringent client deadlines. [effective environments] provided CIH Services with a system for prioritizing and scheduling work in the most efficient way possible for maximum results [and] provided expert coaching in establishing goals and priorities for the business.

President California Industrial Hygiene Services, Inc.

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