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effective environments - consultants to nonprofits, small businesses and entrepreneurs
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Services and Programs

Coaching for Accomplishment

Coaching is a key element of our work with individuals and teams. At the heart of our coaching is a commitment to the transformation and empowerment of others. Coaching is a powerful tool for producing results far beyond what you could imagine achieving on your own. It is an effective way to design and operate in new ways with familiar issues, people and situations, leading to a new level of effectiveness, accomplishment and satisfaction.

A coach is someone who is your partner in enhancing your effectiveness, and who brings a combination of expertise, objectivity and commitment to your success.

Executive coaching supports you in mastering the fundamental principles and practices for achieving extraordinary results and empowering staff success. Coaching is an integral part of the work we do with you in our consulting engagements. It is intended to have the results of that program take root in day-to-day thinking and actions.

effective environments® coaching is a customized series of telephone meetings designed to support you in:

  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Choosing specific results you will use our coaching support to produce.
  • Focusing on what is to be accomplished.
  • Learning to produce results reliably and with less effort.
  • Developing and enhancing communication skills.
  • Adopting effective management practices that have your entire staff succeed and thrive.





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“[Coaching is] creating, by communication only, the climate, environment, and context that empowers individuals and teams to generate results."

— “Coaching and the Art of Management,” Evered & Selman, Reprinted from Organizational Dynamics, Autumn 1989

"It was a wise decision on my part to [have] you coach me....Little did I know what transformations I would experience. I’m stronger and happier. Production is up even though the market is down. I’m confident and excited about my work and life. Life’s grand!"

Certified Financial Planner

"... let me thank you for your valuable coaching. I am much more “in charge” of my personal and work life and it was especially helpful to be able to apply my learning at Columbia."

Columbia University Press

"This is the best money I’ve spent this month."

Founder, big Picture Productions

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