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effective environments - consultants to nonprofits, small businesses and entrepreneurs
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Technologies and Tools

Practices for Personal Effectiveness

The systems and practices you use to manage your personal effectiveness are far more than a mundane “time management” system -- they are a vehicle for fulfilling your vision.

Developing systems and practices for personal effectiveness, tailored to your needs and the way you work, is critical in managing yourself for success. Nothing has a greater potential for improving and sustaining your effectiveness and your ability to achieve results in all areas in life. The principles, practices and systems you use for managing you are the foundation for achieving results and having peace of mind.

What do we mean by “personal effectiveness”? Being effective means taking actions to fulfill your vision, commitments and objectives. You define the accomplishments that matter in all areas of life and then focus your energies and resources to deliver on them.

This means that your personal effectiveness really embodies a way of thinking about your life, incorporates principles for being effective, and leads to a quality of life defined by you.

In our view, the fundamental principles that underlie personal effectiveness are:

  • Identify what is important to you
  • Make what is important manageable and do-able
  • Make choices that reflect what is important
  • Invent practices that support you.

The operative word here is Personal. Design practices that are a reflection of how you work and what you need to be effective and productive. Then, you have a system you will use consistently.

Remember: It’s not about time; it’s about life.

We work with you, applying the four principles for managing yourself, to create new ways of thinking abut your success, design practices for your personal effectiveness, and coach you to apply them consistently. The result is a renewed sense of self-confidence, increased effectiveness and productivity and a profound satisfaction with life.

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"I now start my day knowing that what I’m doing is in alignment with my vision, my strategic accomplishments and my priorities for life. ...I feel a huge sense of accomplishment in my life. I have more energy at the end of the day and my thoughts and thinking are much clearer."

President, Alliance for Quality Advancement

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