effective environments - consultants to nonprofits, small businesses and entrepreneurs

effective environments - consultants to nonprofits, small businesses and entrepreneurs
effective environments - consultants to nonprofits, small businesses and entrepreneurs
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In Memoriam


Gary Yates was a long-time friend and mentor. I can still hear his voice as he coached me years ago, "Just how willing are you to have life go the way you want?"  He consistently called on me to author my life fully and to experience the excellence he saw in me. I will never forget him.  Ann Moreno, AVM Graphics

I had the pleasure and privilege of receiving Gary's professional guidance and advice on many occasions.
He always asked me many questions before he would comment.

He would listen with a smile and a twinkle in his eye as he absorbed my challenging situation.

Then he would make several broad and descriptive observations that would depersonalize the challenge, allowing me to step back, to exhale and to relax. He would then ask me a question and when I responded we would both laugh out loud as it became obvious that I held the keys to my own locks. I consistently left these conversations with Gary with my self confidence, commitment, energy and spirit renewed.

He was a master coach.  Catherine A Parrish, NextLevel Consulting

Gary’s enthusiasm for effective environments® ’ Personal Accomplishment System (PAS) was contagious. It was because of his great passionate for the PAS as Gary explained it in his quarterly workshops that I adopted it. Ten years later it remains the linchpin of my effectiveness and productivity. Authoring each day intentionally and then measuring for accomplishment make it easy for me to consistently take new territory in all areas of my life, not just work and career, but relationship, health, and let’s not forget, “having fun.”  Gary Yates made a lasting difference in my life. I think he still could in yours!  Michael Alexander

When the people in my department wanted to become a more effective team, Gary worked with us to create a vision and to develop principles and practices for working together. He was so gently and quietly masterful that at some point in the process he became almost transparent. At the end we had a clear experience of having done it all ourselves. Kathy Swallow, Catholic Charities CYO

What a joy it was to work with Gary. He was completely engaged in the moment, and so lively in his way of questioning and helping you articulate the situation. Consulting with him, you knew you were in good hands. Sharing a meal and a glass of wine, you could count on being amused, and you’d feel somehow wittier and smarter because you were with him. From his wryly twinkling eyes and ready chuckle to his irreverent observations and calming presence, he was, and still is, a gift. Maureen Merrill, HarrisMerrill

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Ann Moreno
Ann Moreno

Catherine Parrish
Catherine Parrish

Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander

Kathy Swallow, Catholic Charities CYO
Kathy Swallow

Maureen Merrill, HarrisMerrill
Maureen Merrill

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